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O.J. Mayo with Colonel Mustard in the USC Cookie Jar

Posted by bromomichael on May 14, 2008

So, O.J. Mayo got caught with his hand in the ketchup bottle. Go figure? 

Let’s face it, Mayo had nothing to lose other than a scholarship he received for serving as the 2008 Big Condiment on the USC Campus. Meanwhile, he was given the proverbial golden handshake.

This is almost as big a shock as having a heart condition after eating two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, onions and pickles under a sesame seed bun. Could someone please send in Colonel Mustard and Mayor McCheese to negotate a multi-million dollar NBA contract for a 19-year old jar of Mayo while we are at it?

You can blame the NBA’s one and done rule. You can blame the NCAA for expecting these kids to say no to money waved in their faces, as an Amateur Association makes Major League money off a college player’s name, image, likeness and anything else Dick Vitale might go Cameron Crazy about, baby!

You can blame USC and Tim Floyd for acting as if they were as blind as President George W. Bush was to the falling dollar and imploding economy. You could blame the money grubbing agents for their slezeball tactics.  You could blame the parents, friends and runners for mistaking the Mayo jar for a cookie jar.

Better yet, you can blame them all.


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